Renowned Japanese sock maker Tabio has recently expanded to the US through their online store on the Shopify platform.

How does the sock specialist manage the logistics of its burgeoning ecommerce operations?

A seamless process from order to delivery

From their distribution centre in Japan, Tabio ships their goods directly to their customers in the US using global shipper FedEx.

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Having an international sales channel means that shipping could be the stuff of nightmares, because having to print every shipping label and invoice is a time-consuming and labour-intensive task with a high possibility of errors. However, by using Ship&co, Tabio has been able to fulfill their orders quickly, accurately and seamlessly in just a few clicks.

With Ship&co’s cloud-based interface, orders placed with a merchant’s online store are imported into the system in real-time, and data for shipping labels and customs invoices are automatically generated. All that’s left to for sellers to do is print, pack and send!

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