Offering subscription purchase for your Shopify store?

Ship&co now supports 'Scheduled' status, thanks to the Shopify order tags, allowing you to manage your subscription orders with ease.

Shopify merchant using a subscription application such as Loop Subscriptions can activate subscription service on Shopify store admin. Depending on your sales strategy, the application gives you flexibility to set up subscription at Shopify checkout.

As explained by Shopify, prepaid subscription orders are paid for in advance but have scheduled fulfillments over a period of time. The orders have a Scheduled status until the fulfillment date is reached.

How scheduled orders created by Loop subscription shown in Shopify

In that case, when the Scheduled item status change to Unfulfilled item, it will appear in Ship&co.

By default, Ship&co syncs orders with 'Paid' & 'Unfulfilled' status but it allows you to turn a specific synchronisation feature on to sync 'Pending' status for a pay-per-delivery orders.

However, for some cases, Shopify merchants can collect payments from customers upfront for multiple future deliveries. In that case, the first order will automatically show in Ship&co but other orders paid in advance will remain in 'Scheduled' status and won't be going through Ship&co.

To sync orders with Scheduled status, all you need to do is...

  • Add this order tag in Shopify order: shipandcoscheduled

By adding "shipandcoscheduled" tag in Shopify, order will appear in Ship&co, allowing you to ship it right from Ship&co application with the preferred shipping option.

About Ship&co

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