Effective 12th April 2020, temporary peak surcharges have been applied to UPS services throughout the world due to the impact on logistics caused by the spread of coronavirus infection.

UPS announced the implementation of the peak surcharge last week for the shipments from China Mainland or Hong Kong SAR, to North America and Europe regions. Now, effective 12th April 2020 and until further notice, this surcharge has increased and additional peak surcharges have applied to shipments between other origins and destinations, as market conditions have continued to evolve with the ongoing coronavirus situation.

Peak surcharges apply as a rate per kilogram based upon the billable weight of the shipment, in addition to existing rates, charges, surcharges and fees. The UPS Fuel Surcharge is calculated on the peak surcharge.

Peak surcharges are subject to change and peak periods may be extended or otherwise changed. For the latest news and details, please continue to check with your UPS manager or visit the UPS website, prior to tendering shipments.