Is Shopify order fulfillment taking most of your time?

If you are looking for a way to speed up the order fulfillment for Shopify store, let Ship&co walk you through steps how to improve the shipping process — stop wasting hours on repetitive task and spend more time to grow your business!

1. Use Shopify order tags to categorize the type of orders

In general, tags are a way for the business to organize or label information in order to easily find it. Shopify has 'Shopify Order tag' feature to help you better organize your orders, your products, your customers, etc. and work with that information faster.

If you are experiencing a confusion when managing the orders, Shopify order tags can give you a solution—it gives you the power to know which orders you should prioritize when fulfilling them.

You can also add the tags based on the specific shipping or packing requirements. Let us give you some examples here:

  • Packaging requirement - gift wrapping, return label required
  • Order types - preorder, subscription order
  • Order prices - below €150, above €150
  • Stock status - out-of-stock, on-stock

The way to do it is simple — go to every single order and add the tag one by one or select the group of orders on Shopify's order page and click 'More actions' → 'Add tags'. (Keep on reading! The faster way to do this is explained later in 4.)

Also, you can re-arrange the order of columns shown in Shopify order page and show or hide any columns to make the order page most suitable for your fulfillment process.

2. Create and print up to 50 shipping labels at once

Shopify offers you a variety of application that help businesses like yours serve customers better and stay organized when it comes to order fulfillment.

Ship&co application, All-in-One Shipping Management Solution, offers a simple interface to create, buy and print shipping labels faster. The orders from Shopify are automatically synced to Ship&co, allowing you to print shipping labels in bilk for up to 50 shipping labels at once.

Get Ship&co account now from this link. It requires you less than 15 minutes to set up and make your Ship&co account ready.

3. Use packages preset when creating labels

In most cases, online sellers ship orders using specific size of box or envelope. So you can either customize your own mailers, boxes or packing or request the free package from the shipping carriers like DHL and FedEx.

In Ship&co, you can create a package preset, adding the sizes of package on Ship&co Setting page or register the preferred option of packages when you add a DHL or FedEx account to Ship&co. Ship&co supports multiple packages for DHL, including DHL Flyer, Express Document, Jumbo Box, etc. and for FedEx, including FedEx Envelope, FedEx Pak, FedEx Box, etc.

4. Increase workflow automation

Shopify offers a variety of apps, giving you a superpower. Shopify Flow is one of those!

A workflow created using Shopify Flow

Shopify Flow is an app to build an automated workflows and simplify your tasks. This app allows you to easily build custom automations for your Shopify store. It can create whatever flow you want and even connect to the app you use based.

This app is only available for Shopify Advanced and Shopify Plus plan.

You can create an event or trigger that starts a workflow, add one or more conditions as a rule to determine an action to be taken to complete the task. The process to tag an order mentioned above can also be automated by adding an event and condition, using Shopify Flow.

Getting notified when the stocks are low, tracking or cancelling high-risk orders or tagging orders with specific shipping requirement—All of these tasks could be done automatically, with no coding needed.

5. Automatically fulfill orders and send email notifications to your customers

Once a customer buys a product, the waiting process start and of course, they want the waiting process to be as short as possible. To keep your customers happy, you can opt to use automatic order fulfillment for your Shopify store.

With the integration between Ship&co and Shopify, you can fulfill orders right after you create a label and automatically notify the tracking number using the 'Shipping confirmation' email template in Shopify.

Shopify Shop Synchronization Settings on Ship&co

This way is time-efficient and ensure that your customers will receive every updates promptly.

Effortless shipping management for global e-commerce

Ship&co is an easy-to-integrate shipping management platform that helps sync orders, track shipments, and generate labels and invoices in a matter of minutes. From a single dashboard, you can manage a shipping of multiple stores via multiple shipping carriers and fulfill the order faster. Start automate shipping flow today with the easier integration ever from Ship&co.

Any doubts? Visit or reach out to us at and we'll give you the answer!