Wasting too much time to create a report for your shipping estimates? Looking for a faster and easier way to control shipping cost using data across several sources?

We would like to introduce you to a solution call Trivial, solution for workflow automations to help you get instant report for e-commerce shipping.

How Trivial solution works:

The Trivial has integrated with Ship&co API to allow you to get a full finance reports in real-time, especially when you want to make sure to set the right shipping cost without cannibalizing your profits.

Trivial shared a case study of Whiplash LP Mailer's Shopify store integrated with Ship&co API and applied Trivial Workflow Automation, if you'd like to see an in-depth details.

But here's a summary how it works:

  1. Manage an international shipping with Ship&co application
  2. Link Trivial to Shopify Webhook to feed essential data from sources like manual list of costs, Shopify sales, and Ship&co reports
  3. Automatically calculate each order's gross profit and gross margin

No more manual task. You can allocate resources to grow your business and do more marketing and get more customers.

About Ship&co

Ship&co, a shipping management platform that helps Shopify stores automate shipping flow. The app helps prepare ready-to-print shipping documents in just two clicks!